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Kåre Kivijärvi: Artist with a camera

A photographic look at life in Norway
1.0 heures
Image credit : Appareil photo et bobine de film / ChamilleWhite
Expositions & visites

A photographic look at life in Norway

Get a close-up look at the stunning work of Norwegian photographer Kåre Kivijärvi at the Henie Onstad Kunstsenter (HOK) museum. The special exhibition, "Kåre Kivijärvi: Artist with a camera," features black and white photographs depicting life in Northern Norway. It also includes films that highlight Kivijärvi's professional work. When it comes to art and photography that capture the spirit of a place, this HOK exhibition is among the top things to do in Oslo.

Adresse: 31 , voie , Oslo
Téléphone: 94 37 62 058

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